Analysing Athenian Owls / Lechuzas Atenienses a examen

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Aquí   expuse mis dudas sobre un tetradracma ateniense del siglo V ac, moneda ampliamente falsificada.

En el siguiente documento, y desde una perspectiva científico-analítica, se descubre que no siempre es lo que parece

Aquí el pdf completo 

Falsas que son verdaderas y viceversa. Normalmente, con un sólo método analítico desentrañamos muchos misterios…pero, a menudo, no todos; hay múltiples parámetros / variables a considerar.

Anuncio publicitario

Agosto canicular del 2022

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Llega agosto, con todo lo que ello conlleva: parón canicular. Repasemos

Extensa recopilación sobre el oro

Larga charla múltiple con interesantes contenidos

Bloque 1
Tipos de Estrategias
– nWo (Agenda 2030): Pau (Private Bullion)
– Especulación Papel: Miguel C (Private Bullion)
– Numismática: Adolfo de moneditis
– Especulación Físico: Jaime de Markitos (
– Jubilación: Daniel de Dragón Oro Plata (

Documento clásico sobre falsificaciones de moneda antigua

Mucha documentación, enlaces e información sobre los Reales de a Ocho

Y además, monedas de Gibraltar   World Money Fair 2022                                      8 escudos falso joyería 18 K Carlos III actualizado con vídeos …

Moneda antigua falsa – Ilya Prokopov

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Los estudios sobre moneda falsa antigua en Bulgaria de Ilya Prokopov son conocidos.

Aquí     en primer lugar aparece una de sus publicaciones recopilatorias de 2003

El documento que os dejo más abajo es el volumen IV y es de 2005. Muy loable el interés de este especialista y sus colegas por desentrañar las obscuras tramas falsificadoras, no siempre bien entendido/recibido… esto último me resulta familiar…

Dicho lo anterior, sólo resta dejaros el documento para deleite de todo aquel que ama el coleccionismo numismático y detesta las falsificaciones, cada vez más presentes en el comercio mundial de nuestros pequeños tesoros…(mi moneditis se acrecienta…)

P.S. El próximo viernes 3 de junio, convención numismática en Antequera. Moneditas, muchas moneditas… 😉

Squeeze reddit Silver Bugs WallStreet

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Aquí ya hablaba, a finales de enero, sobre la compra masiva de plata, tanto física como a través de PSLV (papel con respaldo),  en todo el mundo para conseguir hundir a los banqueros de JPMorgan, entre otros

Estamos ya en abril y los autodenominados «apes» siguen a lo suyo: acumular monedas y lingotes de plata

Here’s why you’ll be unable to buy silver by May 14

Discussionr/Wallstreetsilver•Posted byu/MichaelSilveria18 days ago

Here’s why you’ll be unable to buy silver by May 14Discussion

So first this is going to be an ‘opinion’ post for 2 reasons. The first is I cannot be bothered to explain and quantify all the data I have. Second is I do not want to reveal my sources. So assume I am a schizophrenic that hears voices and thinks god told me all this.

By May 7th silver retail production will be about 5% compared to what it is now. Roughly a week later all retail products made from March 1 to May 7th will have been sold. You will effectively be unable to buy any new coins or bars from this point (May 14th) onwards as that small amount being produced per day will have an ever increasing tank of sharks chasing it.

Now for some explanations of what we are seeing in the physical market. Around Feb 1 when the WSS movement started there were bars and coins sitting in shops and warehouses around the world, lets call this global retail inventory «Before WSS Inventory» or BWI. This entire supply was wiped out by early March. Now this BWI that was bought up very quickly did not touch a single 1000oz bar in the market, this is why Comex and ETFs barely saw movement until March rolled around.

Somewhere between Feb and March the retail smelters and refineries went to 100% production and they will stay there until, one by one they run out of supply. May 7th is the deadline so to speak when nearly all of their 1000oz supply will be depleted. Any increase in demand for retail products will not speed up this process, they will be making products until May 7th, they have their 1000oz inventory and they are close to 100% production. There are some exceptions to all refineries operating at 100%, some have already depleted their supplies and some are rationing while they attempt to source new 1000oz bars.

So what is the actual problem here? If a refinery runs out of 1000oz it will just get more right? This is exactly what they have been doing, in near panic for the last 2 weeks. But this process began at some refineries middle of February, kicked into gear first week of March and hit panic levels just recently. They cannot find enough. Refineries are now battling investors for the last 1000oz bars and paying premiums never seen before, this is part of the reason premiums for the retail products are high and will get higher. Refineries are also getting phone calls from ETFs/investors asking them for their remaining 1000oz.

So here is what you are going to see in the leadup to May 7th.

  1. Individual retail suppliers are one by one going to run out of product completely as the refineries they rely on cease or ration production.
  2. There will be an increased inability to convert any paper product into 1000oz bars, let alone smaller bars.
  3. PSLV will come out before the end of April and say they are unable to source enough 1000oz bars to satisfy their prospectus.
  4. Premiums will get higher and higher.
  5. Local coin shops may be the only possibility to find any silver after May as some people will still be selling a few coins and bars.

All of this is based on the assumption that refiners will use their whole 1000oz inventory for products. If they don’t that May 7th deadline will be pushed forward. Why wouldn’t they? Well greed mainly. If you had the last supplies of a dwindling resource it would make financial sense for you to stop production now and make products in the future when you can charge way more. If there are any refinery «unexpected downtime» this is the reason. It is also possible they will be «politely» asked to stop.

As always, good luck to everyone.

Resumen: se acaba la plata 😉

Sigo sin bola de cristal…pero es «divertido» pensar que David (apes) podrá contra Goliath (banca metalera)

This war is not meant to be won; it is meant to be continuous. An essay.

Due Diligence

The people in power WANT everyone alive poor, desperate, and helpless so we beg for salvation in the form of Central Bank Digital Currencies while the top 1% get richer than any other time EVER. Please read this entire post as I’ll go into detail about what’s really happening.

Central Bank Digital Currencies will give central banks «absolute control» (their words, not mine) over every person on earth. We cannot allow this global dictatorship to happen!! If they succeed, it will entrap all of humanity in PERMANENT slavery, forever. This is not an exaggeration!

This is quite literally the fight between good and evil for the future of all of humanity. If not for you, think of future generations. We cannot afford to lose this war! This was the same critical inflection point that caused Ancient Rome to fall, but this time it’s global.

I am begging you to look around and SEE what’s happening before your very eyes. People are scared and depressed through the constant bombardment of COVID-19 propaganda, lockdowns, and politics. People are choosing not to have life-saving cancer treatments for fear of catching a virus with a 97.8% survival rate. Suicides and homicides have spiked over extreme acute stress and trauma. The police force is turning against the people they are supposed to «serve and protect» while they act as a buffer between us and the real enemies: governments and banks. All of these entities were put in place BY US, to represent US. They haven’t actually represented us since the day they took office. Their campaigning to the populous was just a show with no intention to follow through on anything they promised. Banks and huge corporations then use their wealth to buy politicians to ensure they get ahead financially at the expense of everyone else. Buying politicians supposedly has a 750:1 return on investment.

If this doesn’t look like a world you imagined for yourself, your children, or your family, then you need to do something about it RIGHT NOW. Central Bank Digital Currencies are being built and implemented through the entire world economy as I write this, here in the year 2021. The first several are already in use.

Here’s how we got to this place: when you work at a job, you use your energy to produce something of value and are paid for whatever it is you produce. When you save money in a bank account (many banks pay you next to nothing in interest), not only are you losing your purchasing power and becoming poorer thanks to inflation, the banks are using YOUR cash to make loans to other people and are charging interest on that to the tune of at least 10:1. For every $1,000 in a bank account, they lend out $10,000 and charge interest on all of that. Yes, this means banks lend out money they don’t even have and charge interest on it.

And here’s the real shocker: when your local bank runs out of your money and can’t counterfeit even more into existence due to the reserve requirements, they call up the central bank to send them more. Central banks then get the national mint to print currency, then they lend that newly printed currency to the government and charge the government interest on loans to the local banks. Finally, the taxpayer is on the hook for ALL of it. This is called fractional reserve lending and it is the single source for ALL of humanity’s problems, from famines to war to poverty to hatred and wealth inequality.


The elites use their power, wealth, and influence to wage psychological wars on the masses so that we will fight amongst ourselves over race (think Black Lives Matter or White Supremacists), politics (think Democrat vs. Republican), religion (think Christian vs. Muslim), when in reality, NONE of that stuff truly matters. It is ALL a social construct designed specifically to divide us and keep us fighting while the top 1% plunder the world’s riches.

Bankers have figured out a way to steal more than 90% of ALL of humanity’s wealth. This creates extraordinary distortions in the economy, as well as massive booms and busts like the one we are currently going through.

If you’ve ever felt like it’s getting harder to make ends meet, that’s because it is. You ARE getting poorer while banks and governments are getting unimaginably rich buying up all of the assets and resources in the economy (think the housing crisis of 2008/2009) by using our collective work energy. This happens to you even if you’ve never taken out a loan in your entire life. Simply using currency is what causes inflation, yet it’s the same people that benefit most that are telling us to use their infinitely-inflatable currency.

At some point, the dam always breaks because the cost of living exceeds income, and to prevent the debt slaves (meaning the entire population) from going bankrupt and causing deflation, leading to cascading defaults, bankers must hyperinflate the currency away like many countries including the United States (yes really; see the money supply at, Canada, Australia, Italy, Venezuela, and others are doing right now. Hyperinflation allows debtors to pay back their debts using worthless currency.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this hell they’re building; it’s their true Achilles heel: physical, real-world, hold-in-your-hands SILVER.

Silver is a naturally-limited (and dwindling) resource that cannot be inflated away, cannot be recreated in a laboratory, and has been used in commerce for thousands of years.

Physical silver is a store of value and if you hold your wealth in this form, it is impossible to go broke because it has intrinsic value.

Silver also protects you and your family from the ravages of hyperinflation. Just look at what happened to the price of silver in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany, and Hungary during their bouts of hyperinflation; silver went up in price by BILLIONS of percentage points. Not even Bitcoin can offer such incredible, life-changing returns.

We MUST start using silver again and not fiat currencies that secretly steal all of your purchasing power through inflation over the decades! It’s the only way we can truly heal as a species.

Just remember, the people have always had the power, not our «elected officials» or banks, and it’s about fucking time we take back what’s ours!!

r/SilverSqueeze - The Purpose of Socialism/Communism is the Centralization of Power in the Hands of The Few. BUY SILVER & PUT THE POWER BACK IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE. Buying Silver brings the world back to a Gold/Silver Standard that keeps the governments in check at least with regards to Money …

According to Ted Butler the combined short position of Bank of America and the Cartel is about 850 million ounces. From where the hell will they get this metal ?

Widget image

Exactly ten years back in April,2011 Silver traded at around $50. And now 10 years later in April, 2021 it is trading at around $25 ( half the price of April 2011) and is even being pushed below $25 as was done on last Monday. And this has happened despite the runaway inflation as prices of all items have gone up much higher. The only reason for this paradoxical fall in Silver price is the huge and concentrated short position of about 850 million ounces of a Cartel of banks like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Bank of America to name a few. Now with the tightening of the physical availability of Silver in the market caused by this noble movement started by we Apes, the noose is tightening around the neck of these Banks and soon they will run for cover. The countdown has already started and the Silver Rocket is soon ready to take off leaving the all time high of $50 in April 2011 much behind it.

P.S. Imperios de la plata II

Monedas del Mundo Fascículos

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Esta semana se ha puesto en venta el primer fascículo de la colección «Monedas & Billetes del Mundo» de la editorial Salvat

Muy aparatosa la primera entrega, cartón colorido, billete, monedas…todo un clásico en el marketing editorial

He aquí el primer fascículo

Alguna página interior

Las colecciones por fascículos se llegan a hacer aburridas…lo digo por experiencia, ya que yo hice, hace algunos años 🙂 , esta

2 años en los que con la complicidad del kioskero acabé completando la colección

Como veis, todo cambia para seguir igual…


Rome. Aurelian, 270-275. Aureus (Gold, 4.29 g 12), Milan, late 270. Image: Leu Numismatik AG.

The Corsica Hoard

Sunk shortly after 272 CE, one of the more controversial ancient shipwrecked treasures was partially discovered in the Gulf of Lava located off the southern coast of Corsica. The Lava Treasure, also known as the “Corsica Hoard” and the “Mediterranean Sea Hoard” was first discovered in the late 1950s by two brothers.


Russian Coins New York Sale Goldberg

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¡Año Nuevo, nuevas moneditas! 🙂 …aunque la subasta no sea presencial…

Lot 1002  Estimate: 2500 USD   Minimum bid: 2000 USD
Jefimok Half Ruble, 1655. 15.29 gm. Counterstamped on a Saxon Taler, Dresden mint
(16)15 of Johann Georg and August. Spaskii – unlisted, Zander p. 15. This Half Ruble was made from a bisected host already counterstamped. Spasski suggest that this halving of already counterstamped pieces reflects a step to salvage some badly cracked Jefimoks by cutting away the damaged half. Extremely rare. Pleasing medium gray
Extremely fine.Ex The New York Sale, January 7, 2010, lot 1004: Ex Albert Kruse Collection, Gorny & Mosch Sale 106, October 11-12, 2000, lot 4204
Otras entradas sobre efimok en este blog   

Lot 1071  Estimate: 4000 USD   Minimum bid: 3200 USD

Rouble 1770 MMД-ДM.

Moscow, Red mint. 23.01 gm. Bit 132 (R2), Ilyin (25 Rubl), Petrov (30 Rubl), Konros 4350 (R3). Very rare. Reverse laminations, and struck from dies in late stage of erosion. At point of wear –
Extremely fine.Ex ‘The New York Sale’, XXXVIII, January 7, 2016, lot 2133. Comes with sales tag.

Lot 1118   Estimate: 1000 USD  Minimum bid: 800 USD

3 Roubles 1836 СПБ. Platinum.

Bit 82 (R), Ilyin (10 Rubl.), Konros 37/10. Mintage of only 43,752 pcs.
Extremely fine.
Monedas interesantes…aunque pocas sobresalientes…muchas medallas y algún billete y condecoración al final de la subasta. No pongo más enlaces a otras entradas en este blog relacionadas con las monedas significadas para no hacer tediosa la vista y lectura…

Lot 1190    Estimate: 25 000 USD        Minimum bid: 20 000 USD

Medal. GOLD. 46 mm. Unsigned. 50th Anniversary of The Imperial Odessa Society for History and Antiquities, 1889.

Diakov 1031.1 (R5), Sm. 979. Portraits of Alexander III, Alexander II and Nicholas I within wreath / Legend within wreath. Extremely rare. Some hairlines.

Lot 1240   Estimate: 3000 USD   Minimum bid: 2400 USD

Rouble 1924 ПЛ.

Fed 11, Y 90. Arms of USSR with seven ribbons divides circle with denomination within / Young worker, supporting the old farmer and pointing forward. Sunrise and industry scene behind. Authenticated and graded by NGC PR 65. Among the best graded.
Gem brilliant PROOF.

Lot 1520   Estimate: 90 000 USD    Minimum bid: 72 000 USD

Russian Government Archival Proof Book. Includes Front and Back Proofs of the Far Eastern Provisional Government, Credit Note 50 Kopecks, and 25 and 100 Roubles, dated 1918-1919.

Russian Government Archival Proof Book. Includes Front and Back Proofs of the Far Eastern Provisional Government, Credit Note 50 Kopecks, and 25 and 100 Roubles, dated 1918-1919. P-S1244p, S1248p, S1249p; Front and Back Proofs of the Russo-Asiatic Bank, Harbin Branch 50 Kopecks, 1, 3, 10 and 100 Roubles (1917). P-473p-478p; Front and Back Proofs of the proposed 1919 5, 25, 100 and 500 Roubles Vladivostok issue of the Banque de l’Indo-Chine; and Front and Back Proofs of the proposed 1919 50, 250, 500, 1000 Roubles Credit Note issues of the Far Eastern Provisional Government. The Proofs are mounted on the heavy paper pages of this folio archival book. The Back Proofs of the proposed 1919 Far Eastern issues are loose and mounted on card stock; also includes a group of Vignettes and Design Proof Mechanicals for various Russian Government banknotes and bonds – Classical Women designs for the Far Eastern issues, steam locomotive for the Russo-Asiatic issue, etc. An Extremely Rare and Important group of Russian Government Proofs.
Extremely fine-Uncirculated.

The Spanish National Police arrested a teenager who lives near Barcelona, accusing him of counterfeiting euro bank notes of high quality and selling them to clients across Spain, as well as in Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The teen allegedly forged €10, €20, and €50 bank notes.

Endgame plata monetaria + Sedar

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A lo largo de los años he escrito múltiples entradas sobre la plata (Ag), amonedada o no y sobre propiedades, características, patrón bimetálico…

Por destacar algún enlace:

En esta ocasión me voy a centrar en las últimas emisiones de monedas de plata en circulación mundiales, explicado en un artículo aparecido en los años 80 en la revista mensual de la American Numismatic Association

Estas últimas frases sobre el romanticismo de las monedas, su ir y venir en transacciones a lo largo de mundo y para lo que han quedado en la actualidad (nada de plata, cu-ni en el mejor de los casos)…me sugieren su cercana desaparición en favor de la moneda digital, 35 años después de la publicación de este artículo…una pena 😦

Y por añadir una bonita moneda de plata, aquí os dejo este duro de 1975 conmemorando el 25º Aniversario del Programa EuroÁfrica, 50 francos de Senegal, con Leopold Sedar Senghor

Poeta y Presidente.

28,28 g de plata Ag .925. Forma parte de un conjunto: 50 y 150 francos de plata y 250, 500, 1000 y 2500 francos de oro, por lo que esta es la menor denominación

El tótem

Me hace falta ocultar en lo más íntimo de mis venas
Al Ancestro de la piel de tormenta surcado de relámpago y
de rayos
Mi animal guardián, tengo que ocultarlo
Para que no rompa la cerca de los escándalos.
Él es mi sangre fiel que exige fidelidad
Protegiendo mi desnudo orgullo contra
mí mismo y la soberbia de las razas dichosas…

Y ya puestos

Dos entradas en una                                                                                                                            no he podido evitar                                                                                                                        enlazar                                                                                                                                                  datos y poesía

Que ni rima ni tiene ritmo; lo importante es intentarlo 😉

Most Counterfeited U.S. and World Coins

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De acuerdo con NGC

Además de los Gold Indian Quarter Eagles y Gold Dollars, los 20 $ Gold Double Eagles Saint-Gaudens de 1924, aún siendo de oro .900, se han falsificado bastante, dentro de la categoría de monedas americanas más falsificadas

En cuanto a las 25 monedas mundiales más falsificadas, el top 1 lo ostentan los 15 rublos oro 1897 Nicolás II

En ambas listas aparece una mayoría de monedas de oro, sobretodo en moneda norteamericana, por motivos evidentes.

Y aquí, sovereigns / soberanos

¡Tened cuidado ahí fuera!  😉

ANA elearning Academy III

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Sigo esta semana con varios cursos.

El viernes pasado: Italian Numismatics, conferencia a cargo de Antonino «Nino» Crisà, investigador/profesor en la Universidad de Ghent (BE).

Sus últimos estudios se centran en el Reino de Sicilia (España), por lo que a lo largo de la hora que duró la charla, vimos algunas monedas interesantes

Diversos reinos antes de la formación de Italia (país)

Posteriormente habló de Fernando II, Rey de las Dos Sicilias (1830-59) y su bombardeo de Sicilia y del Rey Victor Emmanuel III (1900-46), coleccionista numismático que donó su colección al estado italiano

Detalles del fascio (haz de varas/liga) y fecha 1931-IX relativa a los años en el poder de Mussolini


Corto espacio de preguntas al finalizar. Interesante.

El lunes 6 de julio (ayer) asistí al seminario «Understanding the art o rare coin submissions», a cargo de Jeff Garret, comerciante.

Volvemos a los holders/féretros/slabs de NGC y PCGS, tan usuales al otro lado del Atántico y como saber si merece la pena que nuestras monedas sean gradadas/valoradas y encerradas

Tarifas varias y tips/consejos de como proceder

Problemas que pueden surgir: arañazos, limpieza, presencia de residuos químicos…y la no gradación de la moneda

Etiquetas especiales con firmas de personajes públicos, primeras emisiones, hechos relevantes…

Y, como siempre, preguntas relacionadas con el tema al final

Siempre merece la pena echar un rato entre moneditas…aunque sea a través del ordenador 😉

Телец / Tauro

Enlace a mi tienda en ebid. Iré subiendo más moneditas de mi colección


Venimos de aquíовен-aries/рыбы-piscis/водолей-acuario/козерог-capricornio/стрелец-sagitario/

Peso teórico: 3,11 g oro Au .999  Diámetro 16 mm Tirada: 10.000 monedas. Ceca de Moscú.

Anverso con características inscritas. Reverso con toro.

Canto estriado

Y ahora, un poco de гороскоп / horóscopo

Características de Tauro /  22 de abril – 21 de mayo

  • Afinidades:Se lleva bien con los signos de: Aries,Tauro,Géminis,Leo,Escorpio y Capricornio.
  • Elemento:Tauro es un signo de Tierra.
  • Su Color:Verde y Azul.
  • Metal:Cobre.
  • Para llevarse bien:No te opongas a sus ideas. Invitalos a comer con frecuencia y seran estupendos aliados.
  • Números de la Suerte:2 y 6.
  • Relaciones conflictivas:En General no tiene buena compatibilidad con los signos de:Cáncer y Acuario.
  • Planeta que lo rige:El signo Tauro tiene como regente a Venus.
  • Día de la Semana:Viernes.
  • Símbolo:El toro.
  • En contra:Muy tozudos y gruñones,algo avaros y rencorosos.
  • Perfume:Violetas.

Le gusta lo concreto y disfruta de los bienes materiales, el lujo y lo relacionado con lo terrenal; es racional y algo materialista. Suele ser tranquilo y paciente, sabe esperar el momento oportuno para sus objetivos. Como buen signo de tierra está muy apegado a la naturaleza y valora el hogar y la familia. A veces es muy conformista y puede ser brusco, algo que sorprende a los que le rodean.ía)

P.S. Pesos Monedas Antiguas / Weight Standards for Ancient Coins

Numismatist – November 2004