En Vivo. Convención Valladolid.

Aprovechando que el Pisuerga (Pi-Suegra para algunos) pasa por Valladolid, el sábado estuve en la convención anunciada un par de entradas más abajo, porque es importante ver, tocar y comentar. Desde chascarrillos sobre las diversas cecas actuales hasta una María de la colección real de Carlos III


Horario intensivo de mañana y tarde, con buena afluencia de público, aunque las ventas siempre pueden ir mejor. Algunos comerciantes plegaron velas a las 14 horas, por lo que algunas mesas vacías por la tarde. Buen ambiente.


Las fotos de las convenciones siempre son las mismas: monedas, mesas y gente; por ello en esta entrada os he dejado un par de fotos de la ciudad de Valladolid, a vista de turista numismático 😉


World Fair of Money, August 2016 CA, USA



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I traveled from Arkansas to Long Beach this week to attend the show. I finished my second day there today and saw each table, at least for a few moments and some for a few minutes.

The show was GREAT for me, a buyer who is a hobbyist and will sell on eBay at mostly museum prices (lol). In other words, I don’t rely on resale for a living. Those of you who rightly see this as a buyer’s market was the sentiment from most all the dealers I visited.

I dressed really down and didn’t share any of my knowledge of coins, especially toners, so that I could better get their honest opinions on the market.

All that being said, there was a LOT of bourse activity and retail selling going on. I was enthused and had a great time with the energy that was in the hall.

I also noticed the dark side well represented in the Hall, mabe 10% of the tables dedicated to World coins. I understand this is one of their main shows, as the title of the show states, but was glad to see their tables busy with retail business as well. Good for our hobby, imo.

I spent $5.5 K and am THRILLED with my newps! I bought 20 pieces. Only one was white…


I bought two Rainbow toned steel cents in NGC 65. The dealer didn’t notice the rainbow colors on the coins so I got them at bid. They aren’t crazy rainbows but nicely noticable. NGC holders tend not to tone the coins as PCGS toners do. I have heard that is due to the way PC encapsulats…allows air to remain? Just what I’ve heard anyway.

Finally, got a great Frankie PF 66 true rainbow arc, an amazing ultra neon BLUE canadian dollar 1949 in NG 62 and finally a wonderful 1889 Liberty nickel in …

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Estimate: 100’000 USD   |   Starting price: 50’000 USD Price realized: 130’000 USD

Philip V 8 Reales 1732 Mo-F MS63 NGC, Mexico City mint, KM103. Choice Mint State with full mint bloom and handsome old patina over appealing surfaces showing only trivial handling evidence, in line with the assigned grade. A wonderful example of the rare and iconic first date in the series, currently the second finest certified at NGC, and certainly among the very finest extant. The slight planchet bulging on the reverse, mentioned for sole accuracy, is not atypical for the issue: vide the Millennia collection specimen – Golberg’s 5/2008, lot 1085 – showing a similar one on the obverse. Although a few low grade examples of this famous rarity have surfaced in recent years from shipwreck finds, well preserved specimens remain truly desirable and incredibly elusive. Real Mint State examples such as the present coin are what numismatic dreams are made of. Extremely rare in this choice quality and certain to become a centerpiece in the next owner’s holdings, a true wonder coin that will elicit fierce bidding competition and should establish a record price for the type. The cataloguer recalls the aforementioned Millenia specimen certified AU58 NGC and the  Besalu collection example (raw, described as «Choice AU») sold by us a few years ago (Heritage Auctions 5/2008, lot 52215) hammering for $40,000 and $75,000 respectively. From the Rudman Collection of Mexican Coins, Part III


Estimate: 12’000 USD   |   Starting price: 6’000 USD Price realized: 20’000 USD

Philip V 8 Reales 1733 Mo-F MS62 NGC, Mexico City mint, KM103. Most attractive for the assigned grade, sharply struck, fully lustrous Uncirculated with golden incipient toning and just enough mild scuffing surface marks to prevent the Choice designation. Very scarce in any preservation, and conditionally very rare in this handsome quality. Only two specimens of this iconic issue have been currently certified as Mint State by either major third party grading service, and as such the desirability and significance of the present offering for the completion of a high end set of Mexican pillar dollars is hard to overstate. From the Rudman Collection of Mexican Coins, Part III

ps Bonus track

8 reales falsos recopilación

Aquí me comprometo a recopilar información  http://www.imperio-numismatico.com/t77060p276-falsas-de-subastas#883597  sobre 8 Rs.

Finalmente, hoy Viernes Santo o Anunciación o viceversa, y tras tratar el tema en las dos (2) entradas anteriores, voy con ello (lo prometido es deuda) en forma de enlaces que dirigen a otros enlaces y…. La información y las conclusiones han de ser digerida y obtenidas, respectivamente, por cada cual…aunque dadas las herramientas puestas a disposición / disponibles tampoco es nada difícil asumir / entender que es lo que se está cociendo, numismáticamernte hablando.
















Que cada cual aguante su vela…y ¡Feliz Procesión del Silencio!

ps Interesante iniciativa  http://www.imperio-numismatico.com/t106126-cantos-de-los-reales-de-a-8-tipo-columnario#959235

Avalancha de 8 reales (duros)

En las últimas subastas están apareciendo multitud de 8 Reales de diversas cecas, tanto en subastas patrias finalizadas





como por llegar  https://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=2591&category=53522


¿Colecciones desechas? ¿Casualidad subastera? ¿Algún otro motivo que se me escape? Probablemente. De todo ha de haber, algunos bonitos, pocos no, algunos auténticos, pocos… ¡Buen fin de semana!


2016 se presenta, a priori, «complicao». Los Quantitative Easing no terminan de servir para lo que se supone que son, sin entrar en la réplica del BCE; el precio del petróleo sigue en caída libre; por aquí en Expaña andamos mosqueados con tanta mamandurria política…

Centrándome en las moneditas, el «mercado» está a la espera. Además, nuestra querida Hacienda quiere sacarnos algo más de sangre en el siguiente enlace  Chupándonos un poco más de sangre   y las Cecas / Mints siguen a lo suyo…que es fabricar monedas…aunque sea con menores tiradas en la mayoría de los casos, con alguna excepción  Silver Eagles

Desearos a todos un buen 2017 y sed prudentes 😉