Agosto canicular 8 reales III

Aquí   y aquí    las dos (2) anteriores entradas. Esta es la última relativa a subastas veraniegas internacionales.

WEST INDIES. Treble Island Countermark. Martinique-St. Kitts-Tortola. 1/4 Dollar, ND (ca. 1805-24). PCGS GOOD-04 Secure Holder.
KM-18(for “TIRTILA” basic type), cf.KM-4(for “S” basic type); KM-25(for crenated edge); cf.Prid-23 for C/M combination. 5.79g. Cut from and countermarked on a Spanish colonial bust type 8 Reales of Charles III of indeterminate mint with the last digit of the date “8” visible. Since the first mutilation of this piece was prior to any possible date ending with an “8” for Charles IV the attribution to Charles III is certain. The original cut by crenated edge occurred in Martinique by authorization of the British Administration in 1797 and valued as 2 Shillings 3 Pence. This piece then traveled to St. Kitts, where it was flipped over and countermarked with four “S” stamps by a decree in 1801, giving it the same circulating value on that island. A final countermark “TIRTILA” (Type III) was then applied on Tortola between 1805-24. The most interesting fact about this piece is the highly unusual presence of a fourth “S” on the reverse. The normal application of the “S” countermarks was to each corner on the cut 1/4 Dollars while the present example has an additional “S” in the center. This is the first example that this cataloger can recall seeing either in reference material or auction catalogs where a cut 1/4 Dollar displayed an additional “S” countermark in the center and as such should be considered EXTREMELY RARE. Missing from Pridmore, Roehrs, Gordon, Ford, Gibbs, Patterson, Byrne, Whetmore and Peltzer collections. Though missing from all of these famous old time collections it should be mentioned that Pridmore had a single 1/4 Dollar example where it had the “S” countermarks in their normal locations at the corners with an additional “S” on the reverse in one corner. Pridmore also had a 1/8 Dollar with four “S” countermarks similar to the present example. A real treat for the advanced collector of cut and countermarks or West Indies. VF details on the Tortola countermark, good detail on “S” countermarks, all with dark gray toning. A fascinating, well traveled piece.
PCGS GOOD-04 Secure Holder.

Estimate: 3’000 USD   |   Starting price: 1’800 USD

SPAIN. 8 Reales, 1728-SP. Philip V (1700-46). PCGS MS-63 Secure Holder.
KM-336.3; Cal-Type 161#938; Dav-1697. Well struck and centered, with attractive and pervasive dark gray toning. A choice example of this scarce type worthy of a strong bid.
PCGS MS-63 Secure Holder.

También Guatemala, Lima…Como véis, en agosto también hay “vida numismática”, con alguna que otra pieza que sale rara vez a subasta. Habrá que estar atento.



Rare Russian silver coins

A group of rare 19th century Russian silver coins discovered among a large group of mostly worn common coins sent to Morton & Eden in London for valuation will be sold at auction June 10, 2014.

Contained in old, small, paper envelopes, amongst hundreds of others holding coins of minimal value, were 39 minor Russian silver coins of the early 19th century in what is described as amazing condition. The coins had been sent to Morton & Eden for sale by a descendant of an eastern European family whose members had emigrated many years ago to the United States, according to the auction firm.

Morton & Eden submitted the coins to Professional Coin Grading Service for grading. Of the 39 coins, 16 were graded Mint State 64, 11 were graded MS-65, one was MS-65+ and five graded at MS-66.

The coins consist of silver 20-kopek pieces, 10-kopek pieces and 5-kopek pieces, dated from 1802 to 1825, all struck during the reign of Tsar Alexander I. Each is different, leading to speculation that they originally belonged to a set of coins, of which records have since been lost.

They include three very rare dates:
➤ An 1803 10-kopek piece, Bitkin 62 (Bitkin Catalog of Russian Coins 1699-1917), MS-65, estimated at £15,000 to £20,000 ($25,000 to $33,000).
➤ An 1812 5-kopek piece, Bitkin 255, MS-64, estimated at £8,000 to £12,000 ($13,000 to $20,000).
➤ An 1825 5-kopek piece, Bitkin 282, MS-64, estimated at £6,000 to £8,000 ($10,000 to $13,000).
The total estimate for the group is £70,000 to £90,000 ($116,000 to $150,000).

The collection will be auctioned by Morton & Eden in Sotheby’s sales rooms on June 10.

For further information, visit Morton & Eden online at or email the firm