Chicago World´s Fair of Money

De la Convención de Chicago de la que hablaba al principio de esta entrada   tenemos estas líneas de alguien que estuvo por allí

“Returned yesterday from 2 days at the ANA show which I truly enjoyed. As this was the second ANA for me, I had a sense of what the show is about, and compressed the schedule, Arrived at O’Hare Thursday around 830AM, jumped on a hotel shuttle and given Rosemont’s proximity to the airport, made it to the “opening bell” at 9:30. Quite convenient. Given the short show window, I had to carefully plan my schedule to include timely lot viewing, auction attendence and combing of the bourse floor in case I see something for my collection. I also brought a large number of coins and medals I was looking to offload…”

Me quedo con esta impresión, compartida. Ni QE, ni dólar fuerte, ni…Voy a dejar la macro para otro día, que me enciendo

“…It was fun and I hope to be able to do it again. Overall, it seemed to me that collector traffic was less than expected. Dealers were reluctant to buy for inventory yet were very eager for consignments. Is it the strong dollar? Is it the state of the economy? Is it the Internet that replaced the physical attendance/relationship? Probably a combination. To me, nothing replaces a personal touch in any industry. I hope to do this again and look forward to meeting some of the forum members when there…”

Moneditas y más moneditas…everywhere

Encuesta sui géneris de un yankee sobre Three Spanish Auction Houses

Siempre es interesante saber como nos ven desde fuera. En este caso, de un foro norteamericano de los USSA, opinando sobre tres – 3 – casas de subastas españolas

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I wasn’t quite sure which I liked the most so I went through my records on the three Spanish auction houses that I’ve bought from and calculated some statistics based on my satisfaction with the coins purchased. The number of coins from each ranged between 17 and 26. Almost all went to NGC, with a few subsequently sent to PCGS hoping for better results. A couple had such obvious problems that I did not bother to submit them for grading.

Soler y Llach ——- 33.33% unsatisfied / 47.62% satisfied / 19.05%  😀
Aureo & Calico—– 35.29% unsatisfied / 47.06% satisfied / 17.65%  😀
Cayón Subastas — 30.77% unsatisfied / 46.15% satisfied / 23.08%  😀

The unsatisfied category is for undocumented problem coins. Satisfied is for coins that graded at expected levels, were documented problem coins or problem coins acquired at low bids. is the category for the ones that were superior quality or value.

Given the sample size, I assess my stats at pretty even across the three houses. Sorry to take this off topic since this is about buying from Spanish auction houses and not consigning to them, but I thought my results might interest others.

Thank You Jack

SILVER – $150/oz Possible In Coming Months Due To Tiny Size Of Physical Market

– Why Silver is in a Bull Market and How High Could it Go?
– Is Silver About Returns Or A Hedge Against Inflation & Systemic Risk?
– Silver: Very Small Global Supply
– Silver’s Unique Properties
– Silver: Increasing Technological, Industrial and Medical Demand
– Silver: Increasing Investment Demand
– Silver Undervalued Versus Gold
– Conclusion

Y los comentarios posteriores, impagables

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“Silver is a hedge against macroeconomic, systemic, geopolitical and inflationary risk with the attractive added potential for significant capital gains.”

Clearly silver is not a hedge against inflation, as your chart shows, the inflation-adjusted price has fallen for the better part of 250 years.

Neither silver nor gold show a positive correlation with inflation.


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My opinion is let silver stay in the 18-21 range for years to come. I buy silver bullion every week and at that price, it’s a bargain. Started buying silver for my son when he was born in 1999. Too bad I did not have as much extra scratch back then as I do now !

My philosophy is simple. The silver (and gold) I buy is for him, so he can have a tangible asset in his possession in the future, that I believe will be worth more than it was when bought, and preserve it’s purchasing power when currencies shit the bed. It’s not an investment per se, and I don’t trade it ( I have every gram/ounce I ever purchased as well as every silver coin found via change or metal detecting…a hobby that can find precious metal, jewlery and change that can be converted into silver/gold bullion !).

I tell everyone I know, if you have a few extra bucks at the end of the week, buy an ASE or any other bullion coin from a local dealer ( even if the premium is a bit higher than the bigger guys). Get to know a coil dealer near you. The bullion coins, as well as the 90% silver coins, are really cool pieces of art, they feel good in your hand and WILL preserve purchasing power in the future better than ANY fiat currency…it’s PROVEN.


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Heard it all before, a million times.


Gold going to $10,000 an ounce, silver to $150 an ounce or higher.


Sounds great, but never seems to materialize.  All the arguments for it seems logical, yet never play out in reality.


33% rise, huh?  I’m out about 33% of my initial investment in silver since I started believing these Ron Paul types.  Fucking con men and controlled resistance, all of them.



Subastas Cayón / Martí Hervera 8 y 10 de Julio 2014

Habiendo solicitado, como siempre hago, datos/pesos de varios lotes,  Cayón me responde

Estimado Sr. xxxx, lamentablemente no podemos atender su petición. Si desea ver, estudiar, pesar o medir las monedas que están a la venta  en esta subasta puede hacerlo  durante la semana anterior a la misma.

 Un cordial saludo,



De Martí Hervera no tengo noticias. Probablemente por esto

Denunciar monedas falsas de subasta debería conllevar el agradecimiento  por parte de una casa de subastas seria, no la excomunión, como es mi caso.

En ambos casos mandé sendos correos electrónicos por duplicado. Atentos a la foto de abajo


Junta directiva de la AENP – Asociación Española de Numismáticos Profesionales.


¡¡Hosti!! ¡¡Cayón y Hervera!!. Presidente y Vicepresidente y Tesorero. Lo tengo claro… el “tinglao” está muy bien “montao”…y estos dos tienen pujadores más que de sobra como para andar enviando incómodos datos, pesos, fotos,…a un tal moneditis para que luego les venga con milongas de monedas dudosas y falsas y tal…Déjate de hostias pensarán (supongo).

Esto de las casas de subasta (algunas) empieza a parecerse a ebay…una lotería. Y no lo digo por Cayón y sus incesantes correos de puja superada y tal…o quizá si.

Propongo la creación de la AENNP – Asociación Española de Numismáticos No Profesionales. moneditis lo propone pero las elecciones, a partir de septiembre, si esto cuaja 😉

psI Solicitado a través de sixbid por tercera vez catálogo y datos/pesos y fotos a Martí Hervera / SoleryLlach además de pujas en subasta de sala y por correo. ¿Seguirán haciéndose los suecos?. Atentos al próximo psII

psII No tengo confirmación / acuse de recibo de Martí Hervera, por lo que siguen pareciendo suecos

psIII coincommunity has deleted my entries about this question and I have no access to forums. Dear american friends, all the best. Mathieu,  Bob, John, Henry,…Fortunately in  is still possible to write…and, of course, here in my own spot.

Everyday message I send with no answer till 16th july

Good morning

I can not access my account as moneditis.
Why? Any problen?

Thank You