Chicago World´s Fair of Money

De la Convención de Chicago de la que hablaba al principio de esta entrada   tenemos estas líneas de alguien que estuvo por allí

«Returned yesterday from 2 days at the ANA show which I truly enjoyed. As this was the second ANA for me, I had a sense of what the show is about, and compressed the schedule, Arrived at O’Hare Thursday around 830AM, jumped on a hotel shuttle and given Rosemont’s proximity to the airport, made it to the «opening bell» at 9:30. Quite convenient. Given the short show window, I had to carefully plan my schedule to include timely lot viewing, auction attendence and combing of the bourse floor in case I see something for my collection. I also brought a large number of coins and medals I was looking to offload…»

Me quedo con esta impresión, compartida. Ni QE, ni dólar fuerte, ni…Voy a dejar la macro para otro día, que me enciendo

«…It was fun and I hope to be able to do it again. Overall, it seemed to me that collector traffic was less than expected. Dealers were reluctant to buy for inventory yet were very eager for consignments. Is it the strong dollar? Is it the state of the economy? Is it the Internet that replaced the physical attendance/relationship? Probably a combination. To me, nothing replaces a personal touch in any industry. I hope to do this again and look forward to meeting some of the forum members when there…»

Moneditas y más moneditas…everywhere

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