SILVER – $150/oz Possible In Coming Months Due To Tiny Size Of Physical Market

– Why Silver is in a Bull Market and How High Could it Go?
– Is Silver About Returns Or A Hedge Against Inflation & Systemic Risk?
– Silver: Very Small Global Supply
– Silver’s Unique Properties
– Silver: Increasing Technological, Industrial and Medical Demand
– Silver: Increasing Investment Demand
– Silver Undervalued Versus Gold
– Conclusion

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«Silver is a hedge against macroeconomic, systemic, geopolitical and inflationary risk with the attractive added potential for significant capital gains.»

Clearly silver is not a hedge against inflation, as your chart shows, the inflation-adjusted price has fallen for the better part of 250 years.

Neither silver nor gold show a positive correlation with inflation.


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My opinion is let silver stay in the 18-21 range for years to come. I buy silver bullion every week and at that price, it’s a bargain. Started buying silver for my son when he was born in 1999. Too bad I did not have as much extra scratch back then as I do now !

My philosophy is simple. The silver (and gold) I buy is for him, so he can have a tangible asset in his possession in the future, that I believe will be worth more than it was when bought, and preserve it’s purchasing power when currencies shit the bed. It’s not an investment per se, and I don’t trade it ( I have every gram/ounce I ever purchased as well as every silver coin found via change or metal detecting…a hobby that can find precious metal, jewlery and change that can be converted into silver/gold bullion !).

I tell everyone I know, if you have a few extra bucks at the end of the week, buy an ASE or any other bullion coin from a local dealer ( even if the premium is a bit higher than the bigger guys). Get to know a coil dealer near you. The bullion coins, as well as the 90% silver coins, are really cool pieces of art, they feel good in your hand and WILL preserve purchasing power in the future better than ANY fiat currency…it’s PROVEN.


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Heard it all before, a million times.


Gold going to $10,000 an ounce, silver to $150 an ounce or higher.


Sounds great, but never seems to materialize.  All the arguments for it seems logical, yet never play out in reality.


33% rise, huh?  I’m out about 33% of my initial investment in silver since I started believing these Ron Paul types.  Fucking con men and controlled resistance, all of them.



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