Голландские дукаты русского чекана / Ducados holandeses hechos en Petersburgo II

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Ducado 1828 Oro Au ley .983 Peso teórico 3,5 g Diámetro: 20,86 mm.

Año común. Sin discordancias catalogadas.



Precio alrededor de 400 y pico euritos

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P.S.II Bonitas onzas de plata, replicando/copiando a nuestros queridos 8 reales columnarios. Made in USA


Each Pillar Dollar round is unique due to the Antiqued finish that is applied. This gives the sense of an old Spanish coin that was recovered from a Pirate treasure or shipwreck. Each piece is struck in .999 Fine Silver, and weighs between 30.5 and 31.5 grams each (a little under to a little over one troy ounce). The original coins were issued weighing 27.47 grams with a fineness of 0.93055, giving an ASW (actual silver weight) of 0.8218 troy ounces.

All foreign silver and gold coins were legal tender in the U.S. until 1857. This means that everyone from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln used Spanish coins due to the lack of circulating coinage in the country until then. This also includes coins for Spanish colonies such as the Mexican, French, Portuguese, Brazilian and British colonies.
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