Subastas numismáticas verano 2021

Enlace a mi tienda en ebid. Iré subiendo más moneditas de mi colección


Mirando de reojo algunas subastas me he encontrado con esto. Atentos a las fechas (siglo)


Lot 609                        Starting Price: 50 GBP Price realized: 50 GBP
Aegina, Stater early XX century, PB 15.30 mm., 11.93 g.
Turtle. Rev. N-I dolphin within quadripartite incuse. For type, cf. BMC 190

Extremely fine

Lot 608           Starting Price: 50 GBP   Price realized: 110 GBP

Athens, Tetradrachm early XX century, PB 18.40 mm., 16.83 g.
Head of Athena r., wearing crested Attic helmet. Rev. standing r. with folded wings, head facing; in upper l. field, olive leaf with berry. Fro type, cf. Svoronos pl. 2

Extremely fine

Todas estas «curiosidades» proceden de la misma subasta: Naville Numismatics. Hay alguna más 😉 


Russia. Ivan IV Vasilyevich “The Terrible”, Grand Duke of All Russia. Wire Kopeck «ФС» Novogrod mint, 1533-1547

Ivan IV Vasilyevich “The Terrible”
NOVGOROD mint, 1533-1547, RARE.
0.75 g; 14 mm

On a coin stamped rider with a spear – spear, копье – the so-formed word KOPEK, КОПЕЙКА.
Mint coins using the following technologies. From silver ingot was manufactured wire and cut it into pieces of a certain weight. Billets passed through stamps. Most interesting is that no one of the same scales. The stamp was more silver plates and got hit in one edge of the coin, then another.
On one side of the coin scales often portrayed rider less mythical animal or flower. On the other side of the prince’s name and position (relative or great). In the 16-17 century, silver was valued, and per gram of gold was given ten grams of silver. The scales were not the main image, and its weight.
Peasants often carry these small coins in their mouths to avoid robbery.
Minted and used as cash coin scales to the reforms of Peter 1 (up to 1718).


Lot 537

Estimate: 300 USD  Price realized: 900 USD

RUSSIA, Empire. Petr I Alexeyevich Velikiy (Peter the Great). 1682-1725. Novodel CU Beard Token (22mm, 3.62 g, 12h). Kadashevsky mint. Dated 1705 (in Cyrillic numerals). Nose with beard and mustache; legend in two lines above / Crowned double-headed eagle holding scepter and globus cruciger; over legend in two lines. Bitkin Ж3896. Brown surfaces, slightly bent. Good VF.

Among his many efforts to westernize Russian society, in 1698 Petr I placed a tax on beards, then seen as a particularly eastern tradition. Those who paid the tax were issued tokens to prove they were allowed to wear facial hair.


Lot 40053                                  Starting Price: 900 USD
BOLIVIA. «Royal» Presentation Cob 8 Reales, 1735-P E. Potosi Mint. Philip V. NGC EF Details–Holed.
KM-R31a; Cal-Type 149 #832. Weight: 26.89 gms. A handsome example of this ever-popular type with a bold well-centered strike on a compact flan. Minimal doubling is noticed on the right side of the obverse, though far less than normally encountered on these types. A couple of small planchet cracks formed during the manufacturing process adding a bit of character to this charming piece. As indicated on the NGC insert, this piece has been holed, a commonly encountered occurrence on these sought after issues, but is hardly a distraction. Despite its shortcomings this nicely preserved survivor is pleasing to the eye and sure to be a welcome addition to the next collection it enters.

Estimate: $1500 – $2500

Podría seguir…pero lo voy a dejar aquí; se acerca septiembre peligrosamente… 😉

P.S. Enlace remitido por un amable lector

Impresionante 8 reales Carlos II ceca Potosi año 1687, ensayador VR Auténtica 100%

¡Im-presionante! Auténtica, dice…?? Parece calamina…

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