Silver Rider o simplemente plata

Con la onza sobre los 13 euros esto es lo que algunos piensan sobre el 2015

Teoría de Ciclos, análisis técnico y algo de fundamental por el lado conspiranoico.


Lo mejor de zerohedge suelen ser algunos comentarios del estilo:


During the Levant, man’s misunderstanding of money led to much slavery abuse and misery.  Semitic speaking people would distribute members of their tribe in entrepot cities throughout the Mediterranean.

In Greece, for example Semites would sit on outdoor benches waiting to do their work.  These were the money changers, precursors to today’s bankers.

A Greek victim would sidle up to the bench and ask for a Silver loan.  A clay tablet would be proffered by money changer, and Greek citizen would impress his stylus, making his mark, and establishing a debt/credit contract.

The clay ledger would have usury mathematics behind it, and the numbers would grow and demand to be paid at a later date.  The catch?  An intangible number on a ledger was magically equated with something physical from the future.

There had to be silver in the supply in future in order to pay the ever growing intangible ledger.  Man somehow could not discern the difference between tangible, intangible, and making numbers grow outside of nature.

Our Semite friends used Iron Age implements to accelerate silver production as this money medium allowed a brisk trade around the Med.  This helped speed up Western Man’s development as trade caused ferment.

However, the future would always come and physical silver would not be in supply in enough volume.  So, in order to cancel the clay debts, you had to give up your life.  Usually you would be taken into slavery to work in the silver mines.

This led to the “shaking off of debts” in Greece.   Farm production had dropped to almost nothing as farmers were being taken as slaves by the money changers.  Said money changers would also limit silver production as they came to own the mines.

Jesus was killed for 30 pieces of silver, as at the time it was a generational debt.  Judas may have even had debts passed down to him from his father…who knows.  But, it takes a particularly evil mind to come up with generational debts.

Read Babylonian Woe to get a good idea of metal money and its murderous history.  All metal money is blood stained.

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