The Most Expensive Russian Coin–and-Likewise-the-Most-Expensive-European-Coin/4?&id=5609

Inside this impressive collection, ruble auctioned / sold by Sincona at Auction 7 (October 9, 2012), no. 227. for 3,600,000 CHF + commission



Pattern Rouble 1740, St. Petersburg Mint. 25,78 g. Bitkin 49 (R4). 1’000 roubles according to Petrov!! 300 roubles according to Iljin!! Ornamented edge. Excessively rare and one of the most desirable coins! One of the greatest russian rarities. The most valuable Russian silver coin alongside with the famous Constantin rouble and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy this most impressive rarity after more than 40 years. Small collector’s mark „A.T.“ on the rim! Beautiful patina and virtually almost uncirculated. Only very few auction records for this coins over more than a century are recorded:
1) „Russian Coins from 14th to 18th Centuries. Collection of Duplicates from Russian Museums„. Adolph Hess auction 210, 25th of april 1932, lot 952;
2) This very coin: Adolph Hess & Bank Leu auction 39, 7th of november 1968, lot 122.
Adolph Hess auction 178, 19th of june (3rd of july) 1924, lot 57 – the most valuable russian coin of that very important auction; most likely the same piece in Adolph Hess auction 160, 5th of may 1919, lot 528.

Take a look at this formidable collection / catalog!

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