Ides of March Denarius

Marcus Junius Brutus, Assassin of Caesar and Imperator (44-42 BC). AR denarius (3.72 gm). Mint moving with Brutus in northern Greece, L. Plaetorius Cestianus, magistrate, late summer-autumn 42 BC. BRVT IMP L. PLAET. CEST., bare head of Brutus right…

These extremely rare coins (this being one of around 75 known examples, with the majority now residing in museum collections) were struck to commemorate and propagandise a game changing day in Roman history; the assassination of Julius Caesar, on the Ides (15th) of March of 44 BC…

Famous coin brings price of $546,250, the most ever paid at auction for a Roman silver coin, Sept. 7, Long Beach Coin, Stamps & Collectibles Expo…

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