NYINC 2019

NYINC – New York International Numismatic Convention – 2019. La World Money Fair (Berlín) del otro lado del Atlántico. Del 4 al 13 de enero, distribuído en subastas empezando el 4 de enero, Heritage – examen de lotes – hasta el lunes 14 – Spink, aunque la convención propiamente dicha son tres (3) días

Thursday, January 10 12Noon – 7PM (Professional Preview – $125 Registration)
Friday, January 11 10AM  –  7PM
Saturday, January 12 10AM  –  7PM
Sunday, January 13 10AM  –  3PM

115 expositores. 20 dólares el pase para viernes, sábado y domingo. Menores de 16 años gratis. Otras convenciones importantes son las de Chicago, Florida FUN (Orlando)…


«…As an event focused on foreign and ancient numismatics, the display of United States coins minted after 1815 is not permitted in the bourse area. I addition, the displlay and/ or sale of antiquities: objects, staturary, lamps, vases, grave objects, etc. is not permitted…»

Features of the NYINC

  • 115 Dealers all world and ancient numismatic boiurse area
  • Educational programs
  • Special Young Numismatists Program
  • Club and society meetings
  • Heritage auction
  • Classical Numismatic Group auction
  • Ira and Larry Goldberg/Sovereign Rarities/M&M Numismatics/Dmitry Markov auction
  • Stack’s-Bowers-Ponterio auction
  • Spink auction
  • Baldwin’s of St. James’s auction
  • Sovereign Rarities auction
  • Discounted room rates at the Grand Hyatt
  • Direct indoor connection to Grand Central Station
  • Convenient to midtown restaurant locations
  • Convenient to the theater district
  • Free samples copies of numismatic publications for attendees
  • Numerous booth holders from outside the United States

Cuatro (4) casas de subastas españolas estarán presentes





Sólo he estado una vez, hace bastantes años, por lo que maybe someone needs me in NYC these days, please contact me for details  jeje (actually in Spain)  Ready for travelling  😛  Cheers

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!  С Новым Годом!  Happy New Year!

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